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Dar, Hanief and Dogra, Varun and Lone, Sikender and Farooq, Sheikh (2016) TRANSMURAL MIGRATION OF A RETAINED SPONGE THROUGH BOWEL WALL CAUSING INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION. International Journal of Surgery and Medicine, 2 (4). pp. 239-241. ISSN 2367-7414

Ganguly, Subhajit Abstraction In Theory - Laws Of Physical Transactions.

Ganguly, Subhajit Abstraction Theory Central.

Ganguly, Subhajit Abstraction and Structures in Energy.

Ganguly, Subhajit Abstraction and the Standard Model.

Ganguly, Subhajit Abstraction in Theory : Laws of Physical Transaction. VMA. ISBN 978-1475072495

Ganguly, Subhajit Essentials Of The Theory Of Abstraction. In: DelCon 2012.

Ganguly, Subhajit A Few Implications of the Laws of Transactions, from the Abstraction Theory.

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Varlan , Florin (2015) The creation as gift- a manifestation on the outside of the intra-trinitarian love. ICOANA CREDINȚEI. REVISTA INTERNATIONALA DE CERCETARE ȘTIINȚIFICA INTERDISCIPLINARA, Nr. 2. An. I. Iunie 2015, 1 (2). pp. 24-30. ISSN 2393-137x

WAYTE, RICHARD Running of electromagnetic and strong coupling constants. Journal of Physics G Nuclear and Particle Physics. ISSN 0954-3899 (Submitted)

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